Community and Lifestyle

Our communities are what make Alberta such a great place to live. They range from small, rural towns to our two major cities, Calgary and Edmonton. There are many places you could live, each with its own unique character.

City life

Calgary and Edmonton are the two biggest cities in Alberta. Almost half of Alberta’s population lives in these urban centres. They both feature a large urban core surrounded by residential areas known as suburbs. The cities offer major universities, modern hospitals, and many cultural and sports facilities.

Smaller communities

Alberta’s rural communities are friendly and accommodating. Many offer the same services and facilities (hospitals, schools, recreation centres and parks) you would find in larger cities, while also offering a relaxed pace of life.


Larger cities have extensive bus and/or train networks. Smaller communities may have public transport, but most Albertans also own their own vehicle. Find out more about Alberta เว็บคาสิโน ต่างประเทศtransportation.

The weather

Alberta has four distinct seasons—from beautiful summers to snowy winters and everything in between. Enjoy swimming and family picnics in our hot summers, hiking in our mild springs and crisp autumns, and tobogganing and skating in our snowy winters. Alberta enjoys the highest number of sunny days in Canada, with up to 18 hours of daylight in summer.

It is true that it gets cold in winter, but you get used to that very quickly. Our geography gives us a “dry cold,” which is very easy to manage if you dress appropriately. You’ll find Albertans out and about enjoying the weather all year round.

Sense of community

Alberta is a caring and accepting place. People come together to make a better life for each other. Albertans are also very generous. The province has one of the highest charity donation rates in Canada.

Albertans also volunteer in high numbers. Volunteering means giving your time for free to help others in your community. It is a great way to meet people and make a contribution.